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Even if you’re not writing a book, creating website content, or generating business documents that all depend on your writing skills, have you done any of the following in the past week?

  • Posted a message on your Facebook wall
  • Tweeted a message
  • Written an email message
  • Sent a text message

If you answered yes, then you have been creating social content that can be seen around the world.

Did you know that professional editors charge less than most service professionals?

  • Ever hired a landscaping company to take care of your lawn? What did they charge?
  • Ever had your hair cut, colored, or permed? Did you know that barbers and hair stylists earn more than $60 an hour?
  • Ever hired a plumber? What was the hourly rate?
  • Ever had your vehicle serviced? How did that work out for you…payment-wise?

We offer a fair price, great service, and excellent quality!

Our editing services turn your words into a professional masterpiece.

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These published authors used editing services!

Kenneth Tingle, author of The Girl in the Italian Bakery and Strangeville

Kenneth Tingle


Kenneth Tingle, Author of The Girl in the Italian Bakery, and Strangeville
I can’t begin to say how helpful Candace Sinclair was in the writing, editing and promotion of my book. I have dealt with many people who claim to know the “publishing business”, but none have been as helpful as Candace. She has superior attention to detail, which is critical to putting out a professional product in today’s highly competitive market. I continue to use her services. When my next book is finished, she is the first person I will look to for advice and editing.”


Marjie Schaefer, author of Grace Encounters: A Bible Study

Marjie Schaefer

Marjie Schaefer, author of Grace Encounters: A Bible Study
“Candace has taught me the importance of having an on-line presence via weekly blogposts,  and she has coached me along in light of the technological nuances of positioning myself for optimum search engine use.

Candace has also invested in my personal development as an author by teaching me the importance of a book cover with attention-getting detail.  Candace has outlined for me the things that I need to do as an author in order to get the book ready for the publishing process, then she steps away and allows me to work independently while always making herself available for help.  This is truly the skill of a great teacher and mentor: one who can coach and give counsel to the point where the author then is equipped to write on her own, allowing the creative process to continue.

I have learned so much from Candace and her mentoring skills and the process she has coached me through.  Any author would be most fortunate to be on the receiving end of her knowledge and skills.”


Dan Bynum, author of Handsome Killer

Dan Bynum



Dan Bynum writing as B. J. Loft, author of several novels, the most recent is Handsome Killer.

“Candace, I think we’re doing well working out the manuscript together. ”







More clients we’ve worked with…

Cameron Death, VP, NBC Universal

Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Ken Harvey, author of Xavier! A Hero No More

Chip Bell, Wired and Dangerous

Jeffrey Richter, CLR via C#, 4th Edition

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